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EMFACT™ Support Materials

Overview of EMFACT™
- Part 1 [PDF]
- Part 2 [PDF]

Introduction to EMFACT™ [PDF]


Full EMFACT™ User Guide
- hi-res (6 MB) [PDF]
- lo-res (3 MB) [PDF]

Installation Guide [PDF]


Online Tutorial - provides an overview of EMFACT™ and its key features as well as an example of how it can be used. Includes a click-by-click animated walk-through of various features.

Painting Line Production Unit Example [PDF] - Provides a case study write-up of a fictitious company with a paint booth and paint washing equipment and demonstrates the use of EMFACT™ for this example.


EMFACT™ Case Study [PDF]

EMFACT™ Fact Sheet [PDF]

Data Dictionary [XLS] - Provides a list of the terms used in EMFACT™ and their definitions.

EMFACT™ Procedure Flow [PDF] - Provides a diagram of the flow of the procedures and data in EMFACT™.

Report Guide [PDF] - Provides a summary and details of the reports generated by EMFACT™.

Summary of EMFACT™ Drop Down Lists [XLS] - Provides a spreadsheet of all the dropdown lists and values that are provided with EMFACT™.

Mass Balance Report Data Sources Diagram [PDF] - Provides a visual diagram of all the sources of data that are used to create a mass balance report with EMFACT™.



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