Welcome to Energy and Materials Flow and Cost Tracker (EMFACT) Training. We have designed this training to provide an overview of EMFACT's key features as well as walk through a real world example. We review searching, reporting, and available documentation. This training provides the following modules:

  • Overview of EMFACT
  • Key Features of EMFACT
  • Spray Booth Example
  • Getting Help in EMFACT

Navigating through this training is straightforward. Use the Next button in the top right corner of each page to advance to the next page. Back and Home buttons are also available. The navigational menu on the left can be used to jump to a specific page/topic. This is helpful, for example, if you have already gone through this training page-by-page and now wish to go back to a specific topic.

When you reach the real world case study, called the “Spray Booth Example” module, each of the topics contains a “ShowMe” link. These links launch movie animations that provide click-by-click instructions on how to perform the step using EMFACT.

Available Documentation:
There are 13 EMFACT reference documents (i.e., Procedure Flows, Procedure Guides, and Report Guide). Refer to the Getting Help in EMFACT module for a complete listing.