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An Environmental Results Program (ERP) approach [PDF] is cost-effective and flexible, improves environmental performance across entire business sectors and groups of small pollution sources, and uses existing government resources efficiently and strategically.

ERP uses a unique combination of linked compliance assistance, compliance certification, and statistical performance measurement to leverage traditional compliance assurance inspection activities and achieve improved performance for the selected group. An ERP approach is most relevant when:

  • a state needs to understand the characteristics of a group, such as a sector that has a number of small businesses;
  • the state does not have the resources to do traditional compliance inspections for many of them; and
  • the state needs to know if there are environmental performance issues that warrant further attention.

Through the ERP methodology the state obtains statistically valid information to gain an understanding of the compliance problems of a group. This information then forms the basis for fact-based discussions and decisions on deploying and targeting limited inspection, assistance, and enforcement resources.

ERP was developed by the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection in 1997. Now, over 18 states have either adopted or are actively learning about the ERP model to address challenging environmental issues. Business sectors addressed by state ERP efforts include dry cleaners, auto body shops, gas stations, and printers. To learn more about these ERP activities, visit the links page.

For more information about NEWMOA’s Common Measures Project and Auto Body Shop projects, visit the projects page.



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