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C&D debris associated with construction and demolition of buildings is usually disposed of in landfills. However, available landfill space is becoming increasingly limited in most of the northeast, and most waste-to-energy facilities do not want this material. In addition, some states in the northeast have disposal bans that prohibit the disposal of some of this material, including Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, and Vermont.1 NEWMOA's 2009 report estimated that approximately 10 percent of architectural C&D generation was recovered for an end use outside of a landfill in 2006.2 There is significant potential to increase recovery and reuse of most C&D materials.

The following provides a clearinghouse of useful resources to help inform programs and strategies for increasing recycling of C&D materials in the northeast. If you are aware of additional resources, please contact either Lynn Rubinstein or Terri Goldberg.


Best Management Practices, Guides, & Fact Sheets:

Webinars & Presentations:

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State Solid Waste Facility Information:

1. Massachusetts bans the disposal of asphalt, pavement, brick, concrete, wood, metal, and wallboard. New Hampshire bans the disposal of clean wood. New Jersey bans the disposal of wallboard in WTE facilities. Vermont has disposal bans for of wood, metal, and wallboard.

2. See www.newmoa.org/solidwaste/CDReport2006DataFinalJune302009.pdf; the report analyzes and presents 2006 data provided by NEWMOA's members.



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