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Current supporting members of IMERC include: The Mercury Policy Project and Clean Water Fund. IMERC invites manufacturers, distributors, and importers of mercury-added products; trade associations; non-governmental organizations (NGOs); and other interested parties to join. Contact IMERC to determine eligibility.

IMERC Supporting Members benefit through:

  • Technical assistance with notification, labeling, and phase-out requirements;
  • Participation in webinars and discussions related to the results of mercury reduction efforts, new programs and legislation, and other important topics;
  • Participation in conference calls to discuss ways to improve effectiveness of IMERC's programs;
  • Participation in review of outreach and educational materials related to mercury-added products data analysis;
  • Wider access to mercury-added products data reported through the e-filing system (e.g., product summary reports);
  • Prioritization of IMERC’s review of Supporting Member’s submittals and requests; and
  • Promotion of the efforts by Supporting Members to develop and use non-mercury alternatives.

Board Removal of IMERC Supporting Members
The NEWMOA Board of Directors may withdraw Supporting Member approval based on the following actions by the organization and/or its designated representatives:

  • Demonstrates a lack of support for the mission and goals of the IMERC;
  • No longer implements activities consistent with the IMERC MOA for Supporting Members; and
  • Is unable or unwilling to fund the Supporting Member annual dues.

Such removal requires a support from the NEWMOA Board.

Application Process
To apply for Supporting Membership:

Payment of IMERC dues is not required as part of the application process. If the application is approved, IMERC will invoice the Supporting Member based on the dues structure outlined below.

Annual Dues for Supporting Members
Manufacturers/Distributors/Importers (based on size):

  • 1-50 employees in the company = $500
  • 51-100 employees in the company = $750
  • more than 100 employees in the company =$1,000

Trade Associations (based on membership):

  • 1-5 member companies in trade association = $2,000
  • 6-10 member companies in trade association = $3,000
  • more than 10 member companies in trade association = $4,000

Non-governmental Organizations (based on size):

  • 1-10 employees in the program = $100
  • more than 10 employees in the program = $500



Last Modified 08/25/2020

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