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IMERC Mercury-Added Products Database About the Database

The Mercury-Added Products Database presents information submitted through IMERC to Connecticut, Louisiana, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island, and Vermont on the amount and purpose of mercury in consumer products. The Database is intended to inform consumers, recyclers, policy makers, and others about:

  • Manufacturers of mercury-added products
  • Products that contain intentionally-added mercury
  • Mercury content in products
  • Total mercury used in in product lines sold in the US every three years starting in calendar year 2001

Manufacturers and importers submit their mercury-added product data through IMERC to comply with laws in the IMERC-member states listed above. The state notification requirements have been in effect for products manufactured or distributed in the participating states beginning in January 2001.

Beginning with the 2010 triennial reporting period, companies submit their product notifications through the online IMERC Mercury-Added Products Reporting System (e-filing system), allowing for quicker public access to the data. After submission, the IMERC Notification Workgroup, consisting of representatives from each participating state, reviews the product notification. The information is posted to the Database following its approval.

For more information, contact the IMERC Coordinator, .



Last Modified 05/23/2022

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