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Shirt collarThe purpose of the "Wet Cleaning Technology Virtual Tradeshow" is to enable garment cleaners and government and other technical assistance providers to conduct effective comparisons of available wet cleaning systems. It includes information on laundry capacity and the height, weight, and depth of the machines, as well as water, waste, and energy impacts. Users can search by washer or dryer to learn more about the specific features of the different machines.

NEWMOA staff populated the Tradeshow with information gathered from the University of California Los Angeles’ (UCLA) Sustainable Technology & Policy Program (STPP) environmental garment care demonstration project report, “Equipment Report: Professional Wet Cleaning,” dated June 2011, as well as other sources. In some cases, vendors of wet cleaning equipment supplied information about machine attributes, including environmental considerations.

NEWMOA has confirmed that the technologies covered in the Tradeshow meet the general accepted definition of "wet garment cleaning." To learn more, visit About Wet Cleaning.

Note: tensioning equipment is an essential component of wet cleaning. However, tensioners and cleaning agents are not yet included in the Tradeshow.

If you are a vendor of wet cleaning equipment and would like to have your product(s) presented in the Tradeshow, or you would like to add and/or edit product information, please login or sign-up.

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This Project is supported by the U.S. EPA Pollution Prevention Resource Exchange (P2Rx). NEWMOA would like to thank the members of its Garment Cleaning Networking Group for their oversight and assistance with developing the Tradeshow

For more information, contact Andy Bray at .

Disclaimer: Any company, product, or equipment presented in this Tradeshow should not be considered an endorsement by NEWMOA, NEWMOA-member states, or the U.S. EPA.



Last Modified 08/25/2020

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