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Pollution Prevention & Sustainability Events Measurement Region 2 Measurement 2008

EPA Region 2 Meeting on Pollution Prevention & Environmental Assistance Measurement

Wednesday, May 7, 2008
U.S. EPA Region 2 Offices, Conference Room 27A, New York, NY

The purpose of this meeting was to provide state, local, university, tribal, and EPA officials with an opportunity to discuss the status of their efforts to implement effective methods and systems for measuring the outputs and outcomes of their work, to share practical solutions to address the challenges that programs are encountering in this area, and to provide an opportunity for training and input on the various tools that NEWMOA and others have available to assist with measurement efforts.

9:30 Arrival & Refreshments
9:45 Introductions & Review of Agenda
10:00 Roundtable on efforts by state & local programs in Region 2 to collect & compile data on assistance & pollution prevention activities & outcomes (5 minutes report by each program at the meeting)
11:00 EPA Region 2 Program Update: Current & Future Directions
12:00 Review experience of programs using the online P2 Results System: What did the results show regionally and suggestions for improvements
12:30 Lunch
1:30 Brainstorm on data collection challenges & successes: Share methods & approaches & sector metrics
2:15 Demonstrate the latest version of the assistance & P2 measurement desktop software tool
3:00 Break
3:15 Demonstration of the Energy & Materials Flow & Cost Tracker Tool (EMFACT)
4:00 Next Steps




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