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Workshop Agenda

 Please note: This meeting was designed to be as interactive as possible and encourage audience feedback and participation throughout the event.

6:00pm           Welcome & Introductions
                      Rachel Smith, NEWMOA
                      Jim O’Gorman, Rutland Co. Solid Waste District

Buffet dinner provided by Gill’s Grinders.

6:30pm           The Problem with Managing Paint in Vermont
                      Cathy Jamieson, VT DEC

This introduction "set the stage" for why managing leftover "waste" paint is an issue in Vermont - especially for rural communities.  The remainder of the workshop focused on possible actions for communities, including: prevention through consumer education and participating in a paint recycling program.

6:45pm           Preventing Waste Paint
                      Rachel Smith and Jennifer Griffith, NEWMOA

This session focused on preventing the generation of waste paint and discuss educational messages that local retailers, solid waste programs, and others can use to encourage customers and residents to purchase the correct amount of paint.  NEWMOA is developing outreach materials as part of this effort and got feedback from participants on these documents. 

7:15pm           Break (15 minutes)

7:30pm           Recycling Paint
                      Marjaneh Zarrehparvar, PaintCare (www.paintcare.org)

This session covered information on Vermont’s recently passed product stewardship law for paint recycling – Act 58 – which requires the paint industry to be responsible for collecting and managing leftover architectural paint in the state.  PaintCare, a non-profit organization established to implement paint stewardship programs has set up programs in Oregon, California, and Connecticut.  The success of these programs was discussed, as well the process to get the Vermont program up and running by spring 2014. 

8:00pm           Questions & Feedback / Group Discussion

8:30pm           Meeting Adjourned


For more information, contact Rachel Smith at .



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